Tibetan Breeze GnR Magnet and Diverter Cooling Kit

Tibetan Breeze GnR Magnet and Diverter Cooling Kit

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NOTE: This kit REQUIRES a Guns n Roses Tibetan Breeze flipper coil cooling kit already be installed.

Diverter and Magnet Misery Resolved
After playing Guns n Roses for World Peace here in the monastery for some time now, one thing that has become obvious is the magnet system they are using is not up to the task it has been assigned and can overheat or just stop working permanently if the thermal switch that controls power to it breaks. I have had to work hard to remind myself that “To be angry is to let others’ mistakes punish yourself.” I did not create the problem, so rather than be angry and pay the karmic price for giving in to rage, I set about fixing it.
Using a similar system to the Tibetan Breeze flipper cooling coils, but mounted on its side, I was able to cool the coil that runs the magnet effectively, so it always worked, and never came close to 170F thermal cutoff where the thermal switch would cut power. The hottest I have seen it get on a very active game with magnets firing frequently is 128F, which is acceptable. Usually it is in the 90-110F range. These temperatures will be higher or lower depending on the ambient temperature where the machine is, but with the cooling the magnet should never again be hot enough for Laysah to climb in the cabinet and roast marshmallows on. Which is great, but Laysah is still upset about it.
The other issue that is also coil-related is the diverter for the left ramp. This is a more serious issue because it doesn’t have a locking coil so for large sections of the game, the coil is engaged to hold it down. It also doesn’t have a thermal switch on it, which means the coil can get much hotter than the magnet coil and have malfunctions or worse, start smoking the fire-resistant coil wrapper. Jampo likes this smell for some reason, and though I’ve tried to explain that it’s bad, when that burned coil wrapper smell starts wafting down the hall, I can count on him bounding into the room to take it all in while it lasts. 

I have unique animal friends.

Needless to say, adding the cooling system to the bracket for the diverter coil eliminates heat issues with it, ensuring it works properly for as long as you play and disappointing pets that may like the smell of burning coil wrappers.

To add these to your Guns n Roses, you must already have a Tibetan Breeze kit installed because it uses the power adapter supplied with that kit, and I decided that players concerned about the performance of these two items would already have the coil cooling kit anyway. One last note is that this kit also debuts my karma glide mounting system, which insulates the fan within the bracket to minimize noise. I think you will be pleased with the contribution it makes.

The kit includes:
2 x Brackets, suitably marked
2 x Fans with Karma Glide mounting
1 x 7.5’ Y adapter extension cable
1 x Quik-loc splitter
2 x longer hex cap screws for diverter
1 x Ball end hex wrench (for diverter install)
8 x zip ties
Detailed install instructions

Estimated installation time: About 20 minutes. Slower with cake.