Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit

Tibetan Breeze SPOOKY Rick and Morty 3-Flipper Cooling Kit

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NOTE: THIS KIT IS FOR RICK AND MORTY ONLY.  It has been redesigned with higher CFM fans and more durable brackets and therefore looks slightly different from photos, which will be updated soon.

Other Spooky machines will need customized brackets for each and will be released in the future.

At last, I have completed adapting the Spike2 flipper coil cooling kit so it works on Spooky machines as well, providing much-needed relief from long-play weak flippers and excessive heat on the playfield near the flippers. There is quite a story about how these kits came to be, but rather than re-tell it here, if you go to the Spike2 Tibetan Breeze page, it is all there for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Now that this kit exists in Spooky form, the benefit is yours to claim. All you need to do is purchase a kit and spend 10-15 minutes installing it in your Spooky Rick and Morty pinball machine. The results of the coil temperature testing are posted in the pictures of this listing. The remaining Spooky machines will be tested soon, but one thing is clear: all the machines benefit from the breezes it creates.

This expanded Rick and Morty-specific 3 flipper kit contains:
3 x 50% higher CFM fans
3 x Angled fan brackets with hardware
1 x Fused power adapter with rectifier diode
2 x 7.5 foot cable to connect fans to power adapter
1 x Molex-ended secure-connect splitter
18 x Zipties for a clean installation
1 x Complete illustrated instructions for installation

Spike2 Tibetan Breeze kits WILL NOT WORK on Spooky machines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In general, with coils you're fighting the laws of thermodynamics. Energy (power) sent to the coil is converted to action and heat, and if there's not enough time between pulses to let the heat dissipate, the heat continues building, which increases electrical resistance of the coil windings, requiring more power for the same work which increases heat, in a loop. Unlike the other coils in the game, the flippers are firing all the time with few pauses of more than a few seconds, so they just build up heat, which affects their performance over time. Some games are better at building pauses into the action that gives the coils time to cool for short bursts. These fans help continuously dissipate the heat to prevent heat buildup and in turn, keep electrical resistance to a minimum while maximizing performance to approximately a "first flip" level.

Here's a really easy to understand explanation of electrical resistance with an experiment:

If your playing time is sessions of 30 minutes or less, you don't have to worry about fade, and these fans are completely unnecessary. It only happens over time and usually isn’t noticeable for 40 minutes or more if you start with a “cold” game (there are games that get hot enough to fade faster than this, but they are not the majority). However, once the fade starts, it only gets worse unless you let the machine rest (allowing time for the heat of the coils dissipate). This fan kit prevents the coils from heating up past about 100-110F, staying well below the threshold where fade begins, no matter how long you play.

There really isn't a hard answer for this because the player perceiving weakness is well after fade has actually started. It initially manifests as missed or bricked shots that you can easily make earlier in the game. It also depends on the size of the coil and whether or not it's dual wound. Larger coils can get hotter before they feel weak to the player because they're powering through the electrical resistance. However, larger coils are more destructive to the playfield because cold, they have much more power to launch the ball at targets, ramps, and plastics and that can damage them faster. But, generally speaking for all but the largest coils (most Sterns) fade starts around 130F, and the flippers begin feeling weak to the player around the high 140s to low 150s. Spooky and JJP can go higher before showing signs if they're using larger coils, but fade for long play sessions is a problem for all of them.

There are sellers that have tried to make a cooling solution similar to what was innovated here almost 4 years ago by copying many of the components of the original cooling kit we sell, but they do not understand key details of what they've tried to copy and so their kits are NOTICEABLY louder than our standard Tibetan Breeze kits innovated in the temple quarters here. You would be much better off DIYing a solution than paying for something that copies what we have innovated badly and is annoyingly loud in attract mode, even with the machine closed up. That's what our KARMA GLIDE is all about - the quietest operation possible with the fan performance required - barely audible in attract mode. And, if you want next-level whisper-quiet performance, we also offer that in our innovative even-quieter Tibetan Breeze:ZEN series.

It's about making sure that your investment is secure and making it clear we're here to replace any components that fail in the warranty period. Our warranty periods are very long by electronics standards, 2 or 3 years, depending on the product level you purchase (Standard or ZEN). That's because we've delivered a product we know will be there for the long haul and are willing to back it for a long warranty period to prove that.

The warranty is US only, due to the expense of shipping internationally, HOWEVER if you are international and have a problem with a component of our kits, contact us and we'll try to work something out to get you taken care of.

All Spike and Spooky machines are being tested and so far there is a range of fade, from none (Star Wars) to severe (Stranger Things) with most pins in-between (JJP machines have been tested and definitely have fade for long sessions). Check the chart we have provided for the machines we’ve tested. Each machine is rated from “None” to “Severe.” If you don’t see your machine on the list and aren’t sure if you have it, we will eventually have them all tested, keep checking back or ask around. If you feel the effects of fade, no need to wait for us to confirm it.

Flipper fade is not new. Games as far back as 1989 have been noted to have flipper fade by tournament players playing them in tournaments where the games are played for days straight. In general, though, the older pins are less deep, and were rarely in homes where they were played sometimes for hours at a time, so people didn't experience fade unless they were tournament players, and the smart ones got on the machines early because they knew the machine would be "tired" later in the tournament.

The first well-known pin with severe fade that people had at home was Lord of the Rings, in the early 2000s, which notoriously had fade so severe you often couldn't make the important ring shot after 45 minutes or so, which was a problem given that it was a KEY shot in the game.

Flipper fade isn't a defect, per se. It's physics at work. Programmers can minimize or delay the buildup of heat, but because of physics, heat will always be an issue, it's just a question of how much and how fast. These fans constantly dissipate the heat from the flipper coils, solving the problem.

No. These kits are ONLY designed to keep the flipper performance consistent for as long as you play by keeping the temperature of the coils around 100-110F, well below the beginning-of-fade threshold of about 130F. They will not give you magical pinball skills or let you fire off laser-focused shots suddenly. They will only let you play as well as you do on a "fresh" machine, even if your machine has been played for hours with these installed.

ARE THESE AVAILABLE FOR <insert pinball machine here>?
Currently there are plug and play Pinmonk standard Tibetan Breeze flipper cooling kits available for all Spike2 machines, Rick and Morty machines, and JJP GnR machines. The new Tibetan Breeze ZEN kits allow for a mounting on formerly "impossible" machines where the clearance was too tight for the standard kits. So ZEN kits work on all Spike2, Spooky, CGC, Dutch Big Lebowski and American Pinball's Legends of Valhalla. Stern SAM and Whitestar ZEN kits are in testing now.

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